What To Do When You Can’t Lock the Door

Why is it important to think about Locksmith Near Me? Have you ever experienced trouble to lock the door? Maybe it’s not our key that is wrong, this can happen because of natural factors such as expansion. Doors and windows can experience expansion, resulting in a shift from the original place. That is why when installing doors or windows provided more space to overcome expansion. Even so, there are cases where the expansion is “won”, so the door we have shifted (usually down) and makes us spend more energy to lock the door that has “lost” it.

To lock the door a special trick is needed, the door should be lifted, so the iron from the door handle can fit the hole in the frame, then the key can be rotated smoothly. Tips for those of you who experience a door like this, you should immediately report to the nearest doorman so that the door disease can be addressed immediately. Because if left unchecked, things will go undesirable. Make sure that you will not force the door to lock without doing the trick above, you must accept the fact that a key made of iron can also be bent.

The worse thing happened, either got a whisper from where with an innocence you might try to straighten the crooked key while still inside the doorknob. Instead of going straight, the key will eventually break. In other words, you have a new problem that usually requires an expert to fix it. The door does not open, and key pieces remain inside. Panic and guilt may be natural for everyone when experiencing this. The attempt to remove these key pieces using 2 nails did not bring any results. Instead, you can call the nearest locksmith who is willing to work even 24 hours so that whenever you need their services, you will get it.