Two Types of Heat Insulation Materials

Seeing and listening to the character of building heat insulation materials gives us the benefit of even being able to get a lot of information before actually applying it. However, before we continue, you may visit if you’re looking for a great garage floor paint.

Regarding the type of insulation can vary, but the material consists of two main types including:

1. Bulk Insulation

In the type of heat insulation material in the form of bulk more likely to be in the form of rolls to the board. In accordance with its function, bulk insulation has the benefit of being a barrier to the flow of heat from outside the room and then keeping the heat from spreading into the house. Vice versa, the application of bulk insulation can be from inside the room so that the heat inside does not get out of the house. The composition of bulk materials is made of wool, recycled paper, and polyester.

2. Reflective Insulation

Next, the insulation material is reflective, which is able to maintain the coolness of the house, especially during the summer. The nature of reflective insulation itself is able to deflect heat radiation so that certain rooms do not have too high temperatures. On average the reflective insulation material utilizes the role of aluminum foil and then gets a layer of plastic or paper which is now called healhtywool.