These are two types of screws that are difficult to distinguish from bolts

Lots of people still can’t distinguish between bolts and screws. Some types of screws do look the same as bolts at a glance. however, what equates these two things is how to care for them. There are many people who can’t properly take care of bolts and screws so that the bolts and screws are often no longer used. If this happens to you, then what you can do is use the services of a ball screw repair to handle the problems that occur on your screw.

Bolts and screws are often indistinguishable. There are several types of screws that look the same as some types of bolts.

1. – Pan head and flat head screws
Pan head and flat head screws are two types of white/silver drywall screws that are commonly used in the wood industry. You can find these types of screws on almost all household furniture from sofas, window frames, to tables.
Not only used in furniture, pan head and flat head screws are also often installed in low-voltage electrical installations in homes. These two screws are usually made from zinc.
– Battery Bolt
A square-headed bolt, strongly galvanized, which is often used to tighten battery terminals (batteries) at the battery (head).

2. – GRC screws
As the name suggests, GRC screws are usually used to install GRC material both on the walls of the house and the ceiling. This yellow screw has a pointed tip with a rather round head. GRC screws are also known as clipboard drywall.
– Round Head Bolt
Round head is one of the characteristics of this type of bolt. This round head bolt has a portion of the stem which is square shaped to hold the bolt, which can be used to tie the wooden floor from the body of the truck or to iron the bumper.