These are Row Of Beautiful Hills in Lombok

At present, there are indeed many people who like places with amazing natural beauty. One place that is always in demand by many tourists is Lombok. Not surprisingly, if now, Lombok is one of the strategic places used for property investment. in fact, on Lombok itself, there is now go here. Many tourists who come to Lombok make this place the best place to invest in property.

In Lombok itself, there is much natural beauty that is always liked by tourists. In addition to the beach, Lombok is also known as a row of hills that are always beautiful. Below are some of the hills in Lombok that have never lost their fans.

1. Bukit Selong
This hill is at the foot of Mount Rinjani. Bukit Selong itself is now a tourist destination that is much in demand by national and international tourists. Of course, if you wants to visit Lombok, this place should not be left behind. With views of the surrounding hills, and colorful rice fields making this hill always the best place for tourists to spend their time on Lombok. The best time to enjoy the beauty of the scenery here is in the morning or evening.

2. Bukit Anak Dara
Also located in Sembalun Village, Bukit Anak Dara is higher than Bukit Pergasingan. If going up to the Pergasingan Hill takes 2 hours, Bukit Anak Dara can reach 3 hours. The view of Sembalun Village, the stretch of rice fields and Mount Rinjani is a charm that will not be forgotten when you visit Bukit Anak Dara.

3. Bukit Nanggi
Bukit Nanggi is also located in Sembalun Village, East Lombok Regency. Compared to the Bukit Pergasingan and Bukit Anak Dara, Bukit Nanggi is the highest hill in the hills on Lombok in this article. To reach the top of Bukit Nanggi, you have to walk soft trekking for about 4 hours. Don’t miss the sunrise and sunset from this hill. You should camp in one night if you intend to visit Bukit Nanggi.