Tips for Choosing Home Floor Coverings

The use of tiles as floor coverings assessed by flooring stores in Lexus SC is better and longer than the use of carpet. Besides being more durable, tiles are easier to clean. However, not all types of tiles can be installed in each room with different characteristics. This room can be said to be a window of a house, so the furniture displayed can be highlighted by its decorative side. Including tiles in the living room.

Tiles that are suitable to be installed in the living room are tiles with motifs on the edges or have a certain pattern. The size of the bedroom is usually not as wide as the living room or dining room, so it takes tiles that can make the room seem not too narrow. Tiles that are suitable to be installed in this space are pale and soft tiles because these types of tiles can reflect more light, and the sleeping space will be impressed. Find out the local flooring stores in lexington sc to get the best product for your flooring needs.

This space is one of the rooms that are easily dirty because the leftover ingredients or cooked sauces are often scattered in the kitchen. For that, choose tiles with material that is easy to clean. In addition, because most kitchens are small, at least choose tiles of medium size, about 30 cm x 30 cm. This tile will make the kitchen look wider. Besides being easily dirty, the bathroom is also often splashed with water, so the tiles become slippery. The trick, choose tiles with a certain texture, so as not to be slippery. Bamboo can last for four to six years. Bamboo is more resistant to moisture because the pores are tight. “Termites also don’t like bamboo,”

According to the results of the Janka Hardness Test, the bamboo floor is harder than most wood. The level of hardness can last from pressures up to 2 tons. The maintenance is not much different from the floor in general. It’s just that bamboo flooring should be swept using a nylon broom because ordinary brooms are too rough. The use of bamboo is also considered more environmentally friendly than wood. Bamboo has the ability to grow fast – a species can grow 60 centimeters in one day. Compare with wood that takes time to grow much longer.