Practical Ways to Store a House Key in a Unique Place!

Leaving a key in front of the house may often do. The reason is that other family members can enter when the door is locked. Some “secret” places are the choice. Like under the doormat, flower pot, to the electricity meter. Even though it feels safe, but still anxiety always comes because I’m afraid someone else will enter. Some people are looking for ways to hide the house keys to be safe and will not be found by anyone. Launching from the Dublin Locksmith, there are about seven ways to hide a house key. One of them is by storing it in a small plastic bottle with stone ornaments.

The bottles are usually used drugs or vitamins with a length of only a few centimeters. On top of the lid, give a stone decoration that has been glue before. Then, put the key in the bottle and close it tightly. After that, dig the soil the size of a bottle. Then, the bottle is inserted into the ground until only the stones are visible. Another place that you can use to store valuables is a pencil holder. Not only at home, but you can also carry a pencil case everywhere. So that your valuables are safe wherever you go because they are stored in a pencil case.

If your keys aren’t too big, you can store them in socks. For that, you have to provide special socks for valuables. This is to make it easier for you to not be complicated when you want to wear socks at any time. Please memorize which socks you use to store items. It seems like a real shame if you have a doll and it is used only as a decoration or to accompany you when you are alone. If your doll clothes have a zipper, you can use it to store valuables. Try to find a doll that has a large size to fit a lot of things.