Netflix account prone to hackers, beware of fraud under the guise of Netflix

Although Netflix has been blocked by one of the telecom operators in some countries, the Telkom group, Netflix’s general presence can still be quite promising. Yes, indeed, after launching its services to more than 190 countries around the world this year, Netflix also seems increasingly popular. Unfortunately, the popularity of Netflix has been exploited by some irresponsible people by doing hacking (hacking) and fraud (phishing). Aside from that, you may want to use the excellent logme once to secure your gadgets optimally.

The actions that have harmed Netflix users themselves have been observed by the Symantec security company in recent years. By acting on their behalf and impersonating these fraudsters, they led Netflix users to a growing black market. To attract these people so that they want to follow them, these fraudsters give the lure of cheaper access. Then what is the detail of the fraud committed by Netflix? Here’s the review.

To launch a fraudulent approach to Netflix, these conspirators carry out malware attacks using malicious files that disguise and resemble the Netflix software. The file used for the phishing action is itself a downloader that after being executed will make the appearance of the Netflix homepage appear as a feed and silently download Infostealer.Banload.

This download will steal banking information from infected devices. The files disguised as Netflix itself then infiltrated through downloading drive by or accidental downloading.

From the attack of the file, most of it is downloaded by users who have been fooled by fake advertisements or offers that will have free access or cheaper prices for Netflix. This attack itself then infiltrated the desktop gadget device used by Netflix users.

The main purpose of the phishing attack with this malware is to be able to steal login credentials. When subscribing to Netflix you are indeed able to create one account you have to share with up to four users. From here the hackers without your knowledge can ride on the user’s privacy. To be able to successfully trick users and get login credentials and other information, they will direct you to a fake Netflix site.