Know the Tracking System Technology

At least, there are two technologies behind the Tracking System, GPS, and GSM. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This technology consists of a network of satellites orbiting the earth and millions of GPS receivers on land. GPS determines a location point with signals from 3 different satellites. GPS works by finding the distance from satellites and calculating the only place where all three satellite signals go together. One of the features in the GPS is geofencing.

In the tracking device, GSM networks are also planted as a medium to communicate directly (real-time) with other devices on the earth such as computers, cell phones or other monitoring devices. GSM or Global System for Mobile is useful for providing information about positions found from satellites for those who want to know where the GPS device is located.

GSM is the most popular network infrastructure in the world. With the number of users currently 3 billion people around the world and the level of spread evenly in the region of the earth, make GSM a leading choice in providing digital signals for all forms of communication.

So, simply, there are two parts that are integrated for the needs of this tracking system. The GPS system is to collect accurate location information from satellites, then the second part is GSM to send location information so that it can be tracked from another place. Location information in the form of coordinates is then translated into position display on a digital map.

With the Real-Time GPS Tracking System, you can sit on a PC or laptop computer, log in to an installed system or a web-based system to monitor the movement, direction, and speed of each vehicle that has a GPS Tracking System. In addition, with hardware and program updates that are being developed at this time, you can also take advantage of various features such as turning off the engine, danger alarms, speed alarms, fuel sensors, passenger sensors, audio communications, as well as historical data, reports, and analysis.

Apart from the combination of popular GPS and GSM, there are actually other technologies used in the Tracking System. Call it Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). Each technology has a different character and work methods according to the specifications and objectives needed.