Keto Diet Known as Current Diet Choice to Lose the Weight

Aside from the mayo diet, the current diet that is in the midst of a problem is the ketogenic diet or popularly known as the keto diet. This keto diet is quite an extreme diet and is promoted as a diet that requires a short time to lose weight. However, is the keto diet safe Some who support this method notice that the ketogenic diet can help them lose weight in a short period of time and provide also more energy. Those who don’t like this diet method say that the keto diet is an unhealthy way to lose weight. The keto diet is a diet that limits the carb intake strictly, with the goal of making the body fall in a state of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the individual doesn’t consume carbs or consumes very limited carb. Be sure that you have keto cookbooks that we provide at our official site.

Lack of carbs lead to the decrease of glucose level in the body which then make the body begins to break down fat as an energy source. This results in the breakdown of fats called ketones accumulating in the body. The state of ketosis is not dangerous. Some studies even say that the ketogenic diet can be said to be safe for obese people or people who are overweight, even recommended for people with epilepsy.

The advantage of this method, one of which is fast results. Also, the ketogenic diet comes with a simple concept that is by eliminating one class of food (carbs), which then make individual easy to understand. This diet also makes them feel full even if eating foods with fewer calories.

On the other hand, this method also relieves the symptoms of epilepsy in children. This diet was effectively applied to children who could not be treated with two types of anti-epilepsy drugs. About fifty percent of kids on this diet experience a decrease in the seizures frequency. However, until know, the exact cause why that condition happens is still not known.