How to Use the Gas Stove

Just bought a new gas stove? The steps you take are right. Because replacing a kerosene stove to a gas stove can save energy. You do not need to be afraid to use a gas stove because if the installation and use are correct there will be no dangerous things. If you need a propane tank, you can visit propane tanks near me.

The main key to safe cooking with a gas stove is to make sure that you put the stove in the right place. Make sure that the stove is in a room with good air circulation. Then, don’t forget to prepare LPG regulators, hoses, and gas cylinders first. The following is a guide on how to use the correct conventional gas stove:

Open the gas cylinder seal first
Make sure the stove is off
Check the gas cylinder if the rubber seal is properly installed. For information, a rubber seal is a rubber that surrounds the mouth of the tube
Next, connect the regulator hose to the stove and attach the regulator head to the regulator’s LPG gas cylinder in a tight manner so that there is no gas leak
Try turning on the stove on medium heat
Use it for cooking and avoid using large fires so the food does not burn

To ensure safety in using a gas stove, you must also pay attention to several things. Maybe some of these things are often overlooked when you cook with a gas stove. In addition to following how to use the correct gas stove, you should also pay attention to the following tips: Make sure the hose and regulator conditions are good.

Before cooking on a gas stove, make sure that the regulator hose is not bent. If you smell gas or hear a hissing sound from the direction of the gas cylinder, immediately check the regulator. When the regulator is not properly installed, a gas leak can occur and trigger an explosion. Fix the position of the regulator first and turn the regulator until the meeting or sound “click”. In general, checking the hose and regulator is only done when you replace an old gas cylinder with a new one.