How to unlock door with a hair clip

Being accidentally locked outside your home can be frustrating especially when you’re in a hurry. Fortunately, regular locks in the house and padlock can be easily gouged out with two hairpins and a little practice. If you need help, you can visit Locksmith.

Align the first hairpin to make it a long, flat wire. Open the hairpin curve so that you get a long straight iron wire. This will be your picking tool, which is inserted into the keyhole and used to move the pin out. Peel the rubber or plastic protector on the end of the hairpin, because that part will block the process.

Use the key to bend the end of your wire into a hook. Insert the wire into your keyhole for about one cm. The flat part should face up. Push the wire to the left, and bend the tip slightly. You only need a distance of a few millimeters when pushing to the level. You will push the wire as far as about 5-7 cm to the left so you can turn correctly.

Turn one end of the wire hook into a handle. Take one end of your wire hook and turn it half so it rotates and circles. This handle is made so that the wire is easily held and pushed.

Make your own lever by bending the hairpin at the right angle. It’s easier if you bend it with a pair of pliers, but if you are persistent, this can only be done with your fingers. The lever functions like a key, which is to rotate the inside of the real “house” key by moving each pin (the bumps that keep the door locked) out using your wire. You only need to bend half of the length of the wire in the direction away from the rubber-protected end, so that it is at the right angle from all the lower parts of the pin.

The pin is cut in half, and when the other half marks enter the meeting position into the barrel, you will be able to turn the key. Your job as a gouge is to manually push each pin, slowly turning the barrel so that it cannot return to its starting position.