Don’t miss the differences between these 3 real estate types

Flats are multi-story buildings that are built in an environment that is divided into functionally structured parts, both in horizontal and vertical directions and are units that each can be purchased and utilized separately, primarily for residences attached with shared parts, shared objects, and shared land. Meanwhile, check out the excellent Bukit Timah Collection condo as well.

Generally, flats are equipped with basic infrastructures, such as road networks, drainage, sanitation, clean water, and trash cans. Public utilities or supporting facilities in the apartment complex include electricity networks, telephone networks and gas networks. In the meantime, perhaps the Bukit Timah Collection condo can suit your necessities.

Meanwhile, more complete facilities and apartments are available, starting from spacious parking lots, swimming pools and fitness facilities.


The term apartment originates from the United States which refers to a residential unit that occupies a certain part of a building. By definition, an apartment is a type of residence that only takes up a small portion of the space of a building. One apartment building can have tens or hundreds of apartment units. Aside from that, the Bukit Timah Collection condo may be a good choice for your investment.


Meanwhile, condominiums are understood in the Italian law system and originated from the word “con” which means together or merged, while the word dominium which means ownership. By definition, condominiums are a form of residential use rights where certain parts of real estate are privately owned, such as apartment rooms; while the use of access to facilities such as aisles, air conditioning system, lifts, and exteriors is under the law associated with private ownership and controlled by an owner association that describes the ownership of all parts. So, the use of the term condominium refers more to building use rights, while the term apartment emphasizes the physical building. Apart from that, you might also need to check out the Bukit Timah Collection condo as well.

The Differences in the meaning of condominiums and apartments are generally associated with the form of ownership. The term apartment is used to indicate vertical occupancy for rent, while condominiums are apartments owned by each occupant.